David Braley Human Stem Cell Screening Facility

McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario
What the facility does

Integrated preclinical drug discovery platform targeting human stem cells.

Areas of expertise

The institute consists of a single footprint that focuses on the development of innovative, large-scale drug discovery and drug safety evaluation platforms using human  stem cells from multiple sources; the identification of compounds for treatment of cancer using our proprietary cancer stem cell technology; and the development of novel stem cell-based disease modelling strategies to support drug discovery and treatment decisions.

Research services
  • human stem cell assays,
  • high content imaging,
  • high-throughput flow cytometry,
  • image phenotype profiling,
  • small molecule screening,
  • pre-clinical in vivo disease modelling,
  • in vitro disease modelling

Specialized lab



David Braley Human Stem Cell Screening Facility (DBHSCF)

Nikon Biostation CT

Long-term live cell imaging


Cellomics Arrayscan VTI

High content screening microscope


Perkin Elmer Operetta

High content screening microscope


Perkin Elmer Columbus and Acapella

Image store and analysis database


IDBS ActivityBase

Drug screening database


Thermo Biobank

Compound management store



Multimode plate reader


Hamilton Nimbus in BSC

BSL2 liquid handling robot

Stem Cell Isolation and Analysis Facility

BD LSR II with high-throughput sampler

High-throughput flow cytometer


BD FACS Aria 2

High speed sorter

Live Stem Cell Bank

Thermo Cryoplus4 Cryotanks with environmental monitoring

Long-term cell banking for primary patient samples


Dotmatics Database

Data integration database for screening, sample management and tertiary assays

  • High Throughput Screening Lab and Natural Products Lab (McMaster University)
  • Michael DeGroote Institute for Infectious Disease Research (McMaster University)
  • Hamilton Health Sciences
  • Ottawa Health Research Institute
  • London Health Sciences
  • Centre for Commercialization of Regenerative Medicine



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