Mining Wear Test Facility

National Research Council Canada, Vancouver, British Columbia
What the facility does

Specializes in characterizing and understanding the wear and tribocorrosion performance of materials in mining and mineral processing

Areas of expertise

The Mining Wear and Corrosion team at the National Research Council Canada (NRC) specializes in the characterization and performance evaluation of wear and corrosion materials for mining equipment, weld cladding for equipment repair, and research on effects and prediction of acid rock drainage and metal leaching. The team has world class experts and is equipped with a full line of lab testing equipment, including many unique test machines developed in-house, to most adequately simulate different wear and/or tribocorrosion situations in mining. Over the past 25 years, the team has run a Mining Materials Wear and Corrosion Consortium and supported many Canadian mining and oil sands companies and their materials suppliers with essential material evaluation data and in-depth insights into industry-relevant issues to assist in selection of the best possible material for a particular application or in the development/improvement of wear resistant materials.

Additionally, the team has extensive expertise in developing weld cladding and wire-arc additive manufacturing technologies for mining operations and sensors for wear monitoring, and in studying the mechanisms of acid rock drainage and metal leaching to enable better prediction and prevention solutions.

Research services
  • ASTM Standard wear test
  • Non-standard wear test using custom built equipment, including: erosion, erosion-corrosion, abrasion-corrosion, impeller-in-drum impact abrasion, high stress, high temperature abrasion tests and comprehensive characterization of elastomers for wear applications
  • Weld cladding and wire-arc additive manufacturing for mining wear reduction and maintenance, repair and operations in mining
  • Modeling prediction of acid rock drainage and metal leaching from waste rock piles and dry-stacking of mine wastes
  • Characterization of mine waste materials: measurement of important transport properties, O2 consumption and CO2 generation test
Sectors of application
  • Environmental technologies and related services
  • Manufacturing and processing
  • Mining, minerals and metals

Specialized lab



Mining Wear and Corrosion Lab

Slurry Jet Erosion Tester

Slurry erosion resistance test (impingement angles 10 to 90°; temperatures up to 60°C).


Coriolis (Scouring) Erosion Tester

Low angle (<5°) slurry erosion test, temperatures up to 60°C.


Slurry Pot Erosion-Corrosion Tester

Evaluate the erosion-corrosion (E-C) performance and study E-C synergism following the ASTM G119 standard guide.


Large Particle Erosion Tester

Erosion test in slurries containing erodent particles up to 5.6mm (impingement angle up to 85°, RT-60°C).


Falex Abrasive Wear Tester

ASTM standard tests: G65, G105, B611


Miller Tester (Slurry Abrasion Tester)

  • ASTM G75 standard test
  • Modified procedures for:

-Grinding media wear test

-Abrasion-corrosion synergy study


Jaw Crusher Gouging Abrasion Tester

ASTM G81 standard test


Air Jet Erosion Tester

ASTM G76 standard test


Amsler Twin Disk Test Machine

  • Rolling contact abrasion (RCA)
  • Rolling contact fatigue
  • Rolling contact wear
  • Railway lubricant evaluations


Bond Abrasion Index Tester  

  • Impeller-in-Drum or Impeller Tumbler
  • Bond abrasion index test
  • Impact abrasion test (with ~1” gravels/rocks)


Ultrasonic Cavitation Erosion Tester

ASTM G32 standard cavitation erosion test


Grinding Mill

  • 24” dia. x 36" long
  • A pilot scale grinding mill designed for studying wear and corrosion in grinding mills.


Bond Work Index (Ball) Mill

Standard ball mill for determining the Bond Work Index. Can also be used for dry mill grinding wear testing.

Weld Cladding and Additive Manufacturing Lab

Weld cladding and wire-arc additive manufacturing (WAAM) systems

  • 6-axis robotic motion control with synchronized 3-axis positioning system
  • Numerically controlled welding unit
  • Twin-wire gas metal arc welding unit with cold metal transfer (CMT) technology
  • Tandem hot-wire MIG unit


Digital Image Correlation (DIC)


Processing distortion monitoring


High-speed imaging system with laser illumination

Metal transfer monitoring during welding


MTS mechanical testing system

Testing of mechanical properties of materials

ARD-ML (acid rock drainage and metal leaching)

Customizable Sensor-Embedded Test Column/Cell for ARD/ML 

Monitoring of mining waste rock and tailings reactivity in test cells/columns:  O2, CO2, RH, temperature data collection through embedded sensors.


Testing system for characterizing fluid-transport properties of mine tailings

  • Heat Transport: thermal conductivity and specific heat.
  • Gas Transport and reaction monitoring: air permeability, gas diffusivity, oxygen consumption, CO2 generation.
  • Water transport: saturated hydraulic conductivity, water retention curve, unsaturated hydraulic conductivity curve.


System for water quality testing of column effluents

  • Customizable automated monitoring of pH, conductivity, ORP and selected ions (ISE).
  • Batch analysis of the above plus alkalinity/acidity, metal ions, TOC/TIC, sulfates, etc.