Bio-Processing and Analytical Laboratory

Olds College, Olds, Alberta
What the facility does

Organic and inorganic analysis

Areas of expertise

The Olds College Bioprocessing and Analytical Laboratory provides applied research services to the agricultural, agri-food, environmental and energy sectors. 

Research services

Process development for the bioprocessing of plant materials, extraction and purification of bioactive compounds, qualitative and quantitative analysis of bioproducts including biofuels

Sectors of application
  • Agriculture, animal science and food
  • Clean technology
  • Manufacturing and processing


Agilent 6890 plus GC-MSD with FID and Auto Sampler

Agilent 1100 LC-MSD with Auto Sampler

Thermo Elemental IRIS Intrepid ICP with Auto Sampler

LECO CNS- 2000 Carbon Nitrogen Sulphur Analyzer

Varian Mercury-Plus Oxford AS400 NMR Spectroscope

Advance Microwave Labstation Microwave Digester

Agilent 6890 plus GC with FID and Auto Sampler

  • Alberta Innovates Bio Solutions