Advanced Ceramics and Nanomaterials

Queen's University, Kingston, Ontario
What the facility does

Processing, microstructure and physical properties development of advanced ceramics in optics, energy storage, automotive and welding 

Area(s) of Expertise

The Advanced Ceramics and Nanomaterials Laboratory is involved in the research and development of a range of ceramic materials and their composites, used in electronics, automotive, welding and energy sectors.

Our expertise includes the development of a new generation of high-intensity phosphor ceramics for application in image projection and LEDs that require an increased level of the colour red.

Another area of expertise concerns supercapacitors and electric energy storage devices capable of storing large amount of electricity. Both solid state and electrolithic supercapacitors are under development with the objective of increasing the capacitance and energy density.

Our laboratory is also involved in the transfer of technology from the laboratory to industry.

Research Services

High purity ceramic powder synthesis, powder characterization (particle size and size distribution, surface area and morphology), powder forming (uniaxial, slip casting, hot-pressing, HIPing and gel casting), sintering (in air and controlled atmosphere), microstructure development and characterization, physical property testing and evaluation including hardness, fracture strength, fracture toughness, photoluminescence, electrical resitivity/conductivity, capacitance, energy loss, and high-precision machining. 

Sectors of Application
  • Automotive
  • Chemical industries
  • Clean technology
  • Defence and security industries
  • Energy (renewable and fossil)
  • Manufacturing and processing
  • Professional and technical services (including legal services, architecture, engineering)

Specialized Lab


Powder Synthesis Lab

Spray heat reactor

  Hydrothermal reactor
  Vacuum/pressure thermal reactor

Powder Characterization Lab

Horiba laser particle-size analyzer

  BET surface-area measurement
  Spartan granulator
  Spray dryer

Powder Forming Lab


  Automatic mechanical press
  Cold isostatic press
  Hot press
  Manual 100-ton mechanical press
  Tape caster

Sintering Lab

High-temperature air furnace (1700oC)

  Vacuum graphite furnace (2200oC)
  Gas-pressure sintering furnace (2200oC)
  Hot isostatic press (180 MPa gas pressure, 2000oC)

Ceramic Machining Lab

Flat machining


  Outer diameter/inner diameter machining
  Cutting-tool machining
  Fine polishing (at a micron level)
  Double-sided lapping
  Grinding and polishing machine

Mechanical Properties Testing Lab

Flexural strength, fracture toughness, hardness, high-temperature mechanical-properties testing, elastic modulus, laser facility

Electrical, Electronic Properties Measurement Lab

Impedance analyzer “Solartron”

  Digital multimeter
  Piezoelectric strain measurements LVDT

Optical properties

Colour intensity versus wavelength

  • Christie Digital Systems Inc.
  • Huys Industries Ltd.
  • CenterLine (Windsor) Limited
  • T. J. Snow Co. Inc.
  • Novelis Inc.
  • Worton Manufacturing Co Ltd.