Electrical and Computer Engineering Facility (ECERF)

University of Alberta, Edmonton, Alberta
What the facility does

Nanofabrication, nanotechnology, photonics, electromagnetics, software engineering, embedded systems, communications, power and energy systems, biomedical engineering.

Areas of expertise

ECERF is the research home of one of the premier electrical and computer engineering departments in Canada, with high-profile activities in computational intelligence, energy systems, photonics, electromagnetic, VLSI systems and nanotechnology. Its centrepiece is the University of Alberta NanoFab which is the largest and most capable university-based fabrication cleanroom in Canada. It’s an open-access facility with hundreds of active users from industry and universities across the country.

Research services

Nanofabrication, photonics, Electromagnetics, Biomedical engineering, Systems and controls, Communications, Software engineering, Power embedded systems

Specialized lab



Near-Field Antenna & Metamaterial Characterization Facility

(see corresponding entry)


NanoFab — Micro and Nanofabrication Facility

  • Brewer Spinner and Hotplate
  • Fume hood (Aisle 1 - Headway Spinner/Hotplate)
  • Raith 150 EBL System
  • Raith 150-two System

electron beam lithography


Pattern Generator (Heidelberg DWL-200)

optical mask generation


  • Blue M / Despach Oven
  • CEE Hotplate
  • Litho Wetdeck #1
  • Litho Wetdeck #2
  • Mask Aligner (IR Thru wafer )(Ernie - MA#3)
  • Mask Aligner (Oscar - MA#1)
  • Mask Aligner (UV / DUV)(Elmo - MA#2)
  • Optical Stepper - ASML
  • Photomask Cleaning Station
  • Solitec Spinner #1
  • Solitec Spinner #2
  • Solitec Vacuum Hotplate
  • YES HMDS Oven

optical lithography (contact and stepper)


  • Branson 3000 Barrel Etcher
  • Inductively Coupled Plasma Reactive Ion Etching (Alcatel AMS110)
  • Inductively Coupled Plasma Reactive Ion Etching (Oxford Instruments)
  • Inductively Coupled Plasma Reactive Ion Etching (STS)
  • Ion Mill (Oxford Instruments)
  • Reactive Ion Etching (STS)
  • Reactive Ion Etching (Trion)
  • Reactive Ion Etching (uEtch)
  • XeF2 Etching System

plasma etching (including ion milling)


  • Electron Beam Evaporation System #1 (Gomez)
  • Electron beam evaporation system #2 (Homer)
  • Organics Evaporator (PVD-75)
  • Platinum Target
  • Sputtering System #1 (Bob)
  • Sputtering System #2 (Doug)
  • Sputtering System #3 (Floyd)

physical vapour deposition (sputtering and evaporation)


  • Low Pressure Chemical Vapor Deposition Boron doped polySi Deposition
  • Low Pressure Chemical Vapor Deposition Nitride Deposition
  • Low Pressure Chemical Vapor Deposition PolySi Deposition
  • Plasma Enhanced Chemical
  • Vapor Deposition (Trion)

chemical vapour deposition (low-pressure and plasma-enhanced


  • Low Pressure Chemical Vapor Deposition Doped Anneal
  • Low Pressure Chemical Vapor Deposition General Anneal
  • Minibrute Bottom Furnace (Boron Doping)
  • Minibrute Middle Furnace (Thermal Oxide)
  • Minibrute Top Furnace (Thermal Oxide and General Annealing)
  • Muffle Furnace
  • Muffle Furnace (For PZT only)



  • Fume hood (Aisle 2 - KOH/TMAH)
  • Fume hood (Aisle 3 - General Use)
  • Spin Rinse Drier (Wet Aisle #1)
  • Spin Rinse Drier (Wet Aisle #2)
  • Wet Process - General Use - DD Aisle#1
  • Wet Process - General Use - DD Aisle#2
  • Wet Process - General Use - WD Aisle#1
  • Wet Process - Piranha - WD Aisle#2

For wet ecthing


  • Embosser & Nanoindenter (Jenoptik HEX02)
  • PDMS Process Area
  • UV / Ozone Bonder
  • Vacuum Ovens (X3)

For plastic and polymer processing


  • Alpha Step IQ
  • Alphastep 200 Profilometer (North 1K Lab)
  • Alphastep 250 Profilometer (10K Lab)
  • Contact Angle Measurement system (First 10 Angtroms)
  • Critical Dimension Measurement System (Mircometrix)
  • Denton Gold Sputter Unit (for SEM)
  • Filmetrics Resist and Dielectric Thickness Mapping System
  • Flexus Wafer Stress Measurement System
  • Four Point Probe
  • Inspection Microscope (Leitz Ergolux in 10K lab)
  • Inspection Microscope (Leica MS5 in 10K lab)
  • Inspection Microscope (Leitz Ergolux in 1K lab)
  • Leica INM 100 Optical Microscope with confocal and UV imaging
  • Leica INM-100 Optical Microscope with Fluorescence Imaging
  • Probe Station (Wentworth)
  • Probe Station with advanced setup (Wentworth)
  • Scanning Electron Microscope (LEO 1430)
  • Spectrophotometer (Perkin-Elmer NIR-UV)
  • VASE Ellipsometer
  • Zygo Optical Profilometer

For characterization (SEM, ellipsometry, profilometry, contact angle, spectrometry, resistivity)


  • Electroplating Station
  • Spin Rinse Drier (10K Lab)

For electroplating


  • Industrial L-Edit
  • LEDIT on two computer systems
  • Pattern Generator Compile software on one computer system
  • Raith EBL software on two computer systems

CAD and design


  • Critical Point Drier
  • Dicing Saw (Diamond Touch)
  • Dicing Saw (Disco DAD 321)
  • Scriber
  • Wirebonder (K & S)

dicing and packaging


  • Glass Bonding Area
  • Polisher (Buehler)
  • SUSS Bonder

wafer bonding and polishing

  • Micralyne Inc
  • Alberta Electric System Operator
  • EPCOR Utilities Inc.
  • ENMAX Corporation
  • ATCO Ltd.
  • AltaLink
  • FortisAlberta Inc.
  • Telus Communications Company
  • Syncrude Canada Ltd.
  • MPB Technologies Inc.
  • Hewlett Packard