Qualitative Research Lab

University of Prince Edward Island, Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island
What the facility does

Provides equipment and meeting space for qualitative researchers.

Areas of expertise

The Qualitative Research Lab works with established and emerging researchers in youth studies to generate and mobilize knowledge and research about children and youth, within a cultural context. The lab provides a variety of cutting-edge video and audio data acquisition technology to help researchers capture stories, experiences, and cultures of interest. On returning to the lab with data, researchers are provided with secure short-term storage for their textual and digital materials and are given the equipment and software required to transcribe, analyze, and mobilize their research. Available equipment for researchers includes Mac and PC desktop and laptop computers, professional video and audio production equipment including lighting and microphones, portable video and audio recorders, and a variety of qualitative analysis software. New international research projects rely heavily on excellent mobile research equipment for data collection and the ongoing ability to connect large groups of researchers in remote communities. The lab’s dedicated  telecommunications room facilities these connections, through an HD projector for use with Adobe Connect or Skype and a Smart TV.

Research services
  • Audio, video, and textual analytics,
  • data mining, audio and video production
Sectors of application
  • Arts and cultural industries
  • Education
  • Healthcare and social services
  • Policy and governance

Specialized lab



Main research space

  • Professional and hand-held video recording and still camera equipment
  • Lighting and audio capture equipment for high-quality video production
  • Specialized hardware and software to facilitate the transcription of interviews and focus groups
  • Mac and PC laptops and iPads for data analysis and dissemination
  • Handheld audio recorders with multi-directional microphones and Smart pens for data collection
  • Software: QSR Nvivo 10; Atlas.ti 6; Alceste 2010 Enterprise; Lexico 3; Nuance Dragon Professional; SPAD; Tableau; Adobe Connect

The Qualitative Research Lab’s main research space offers several services to researchers. An assortment of equipment is available for researchers to facilitate data collection, while a variety of qualitative research and data mining programs can be used in the lab on provided desktop Macs or PCs. Nvivo licences can be used on lab users’ personal computers.

Production facility

  • Production quality Mac and PC computers with a variety of audio and video inputs. The full Adobe Creative Suite is available on all production computers.
  • Professional Lowell lighting equipment available for photography and video production
  • Dedicated production space for working with private research data

The Lab’s production facility allows researchers to mobilize their raw research data collected with equipment from the main research space using high-quality production computers and software.


  • Smart TV with built in camera and Skype Premium technology
  • High-definition projector and integrated audio connects with personal computers or lab-provided computers to connect with Adobe Connect and Skype Premium

The Lab’s Collaboratory is used to communicate and coordinate with research collaborators nationally and internationally. Our teleconferencing room with integrated video and audio equipment, along with a variety of online conferencing software, allows research teams to meet and share data regardless of location.

  • The Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids)
  • PEI Child and Youth Services Commissioner
  • Canadian Mental Health Association, Prince Edward Island Division
  • The PEI Children’s Secretariat



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