Robarts Imaging Laboratories

The University of Western Ontario, London, Ontario
What the facility does

Image-guided intervention research, enabling minimally-invasive surgery.

Areas of expertise

The laboratory for Virtual Augmentation for Surgery and Simulation (VASST) is dedicated to the development of systems to facilitate minimally invasive surgical procedures using image guidance. We have the capability to develop software and hardware to support systems for image-guided surgical procedures; to build organ phantoms for use in procedure simulation and training; and to perform sophisticated analysis of images (segmentation, registration, feature extraction) from multiple imaging modalities including MRI, CT, ultrasound, video and histology.

Research services

3-D printing, 3-D histology, ultrasound imaging, image processing, 3D CT scanning, simulated organ design (imaging phantoms), visualization systems for interventional guidance, image processing and analysis, surgical navigation systems

Sectors of application
  • Healthcare and social services
  • Life sciences, pharmaceuticals and medical equipment
  • Professional and technical services (including legal services, architecture, engineering)



3D plastic printer

Rapid prototyping of devices from SolidWorks or similar files

Philips iE33 3D Ultrasound system

Trans-esophogeal ultrasounds system with 2D and 3D capabilities

Visionsense 3D micro-endoscopy system

Ultrasonix diagnostic ultrasound systems

Medtronic O-Arm

Portable cone-beam CT scanner

NVIDIA Tesla GPU Clusters

High performance computing for highly parallelizable problems

Access to Compute Canada’s HPC resources

CryoViz 3D digital histology system

Enables frozen tissue samples up to the size of a whole mouse to be slices and digitized as a high resolution 3D volume in both bright field and fluorescence modes.

Cardiac flow pump


MRI-compatible Dynamic Multimodality Heart Phantom

Tissue-equivalent beating heart phantom that is compatible with MR,CT and Ultrasound.

  • NeoChord Inc.
  • Northern Digital Inc.



3D Technology Future of Heart Treatments