The WindEEE Research Institute

Western University, London, Ontario
Area(s) of Expertise

Wind engineering: unique 3D wind chamber test facility which is able to produce time and spatially varying flows. Able to simulate local thunderstorm effects such as tornados and downbursts.

What the facility does

Research on the effects of wind on structures (Wind Engineering); optimization of wind turbines and wind farms (Wind Energy); and urban and environmental aspects (Wind Environment).

Research Services

Wind engineering/testing, computational fluid dynamics, prototyping

Sectors of Application
  • Aerospace and satellites
  • Clean technology
  • Construction (including building, civil engineering, specialty trades)
  • Education
  • Energy (renewable and fossil)
  • Environmental technologies and related services
  • Forestry and forest-based industries
  • Manufacturing and processing
  • Policy and governance
  • Professional and technical services (including legal services, architecture, engineering)
  • Utilities

Name of specialized lab

Name of equipment

Description of function

WindEEE Model Wind Tunnel

WindEEE Model Wind Tunnel

Fully functional 1:10 scale model of WindEEE facility.


Pressure Scanning System

1024 channel pressure scanning system


Cobra probes

12 Cobra probes from TFI. Measure 3 component velocity and turbulence values.


CNC Hotwire

CN hotwire system for cutting EPS foam


CNC 4-axis router

4-axis CNC router for cutting EPS foam


Laser Identification and Ranging (LIDAR)



Particle Imaging Velocimetry  (PIV)

Particle Imaging Velocimetry system


Weather Monitoring System

Complete mobile weather monitoring system



Hamilton: Vicious storm fronts moving in to WindEEE Dome…