Écofaune boréale (boreal ecofauna)

Cégep de Saint-Félicien, Mashteuiatsh, Québec
What the facility does

Canada-wide centre for applied research and knowledge transfer on the sustainable use of natural fur and leather, and of the whole animal.

Areas of expertise

Écofaune boréale carries out applied research that combines technological development, technical assistance, knowledge transfer, dissemination of scientific information and the acquisition of innovative social practices, thereby helping socioeconomic players in the fur and leather industry to reposition themselves in the current global market and its value chain.

Research services

Écofaune boréale works to promote the social acceptability of animal products, the protection and management of ecosystems, the sustainable use of resources, the establishment of an environmentally responsible tanning industry in Quebec, the circular use of organic waste from slaughterhouses, the production of Quebec and Canadian goods, the importance of Indigenous traditions, the creation of partnerships between key players in the industry, innovations in tanning processes, and the revival of the high-end down and wool industry. The centre also works to reduce local markets’ dependence on imports and increase local production so supply chains can better adapt to local suppliers and innovative companies can export innovative products.

The centre contributes to the transformation and evolution of a traditional economic activity that is in decline into an innovative, growing global alternative through the integrated development of scientifically valued wildlife resources and the mobilization of partners at all stages of the value chain.

Sectors of application
  • Clean technology
  • Consumer durables
  • Education
  • Fisheries and aquaculture
  • Manufacturing and processing



Circular flesher

Manually removes flesh and fat from animal skins and thins them.

Flesher with roller

Evenly removes the flesh and fat from animal skins with a blade roller.

Flesher with brush

Removes flesh and fat from animal skins with a rotating brush moistened with a water jet.

Paddle vat

Moisturizes, washes, and tans hides. Equipped with rotating blades, the equipment gently stirs the hides mechanically.

Wet drums

Spinning drum filled with water and tanning agents to tan hides.

Dry drums

Spinning drum equipped with paddles on its inner walls and filled with sawdust to clean fur and soften leather.

Lab drum and mini-drum

Spinning drum filled with water and tanning agents to tan hides. The drum is equipped with paddles on its inner walls and produces an intense mechanical action.

Pressurized tanning drum

Spinning drum filled with water and tanning agents to tan hides.


Wrings water from skins after various baths.

Hide stretcher (blades)

Stretches and softens hides and pelts (leather and fur).

Hide stretcher (rollers)

Stretches hides (leather).

Wet/dry membrane buffer

Buffs the leather side of hides for a smooth and uniform finish.

Felting machine

Produces felt from down, hair, and wool.


Evenly shaves hair (such as beaver hair.) The fur retains its thickness, free of guard hair.


Removes guard hair and its roots, leaving only down.

Fur lusterizer

Shines and puffs up fur.

Ironing machine for fish skin and other scaly leather

Cleans and irons fish skin leather and other scaly leather with a hot iron.

Pelleting press

Transforms crushed carcasses into pellets.


Efficiently dehydrates materials.

Skinning equipment

Skin whole animal as it hangs.


  • Centre d’études des procédés chimiques du Québec (CÉPROCQ)
  • Centre des technologies de l’eau (CTE)
  • CTT Group
  • TransBIOTech
  • Centre de production automatisée (CPA)
  • Centre de transfert technologique en écologie industrielle (CTTÉI)



At Écofaune boréale, optimization is key to acceptability.


Écofaune boréale is Canada’s first fur and leather research centre (page 4).


Écofaune boréale drives innovation in the fur industry.


Award for a more environmentally responsible tanning alternative: Daniel Poisson receives the CCTT Network Partner – Synchronex 2022 award.


North Shore and New Brunswick residents are interested in Magdalen Islanders’ seal-hunting expertise.