Renewable Energy Learning Centre

Lakeland College, Vermillion, Alberta
What the facility does

Research on the integration of multiple combined renewable energy technologies

Areas of expertise

Lakeland’s Renewable Energy Learning Centre (RELC) was designed and operates as a net-zero energy classroom and office building. This unique facility is the centrepiece of the college’s renewable energy research. Since December 2012, renewable energy generation has met 100 percent of the Centre’s electricity needs, including the electricity for the geothermal heat pump used to heat and cool the building. Solar photovoltaic (tracking and fixed), wind energy, solar thermal and geothermal systems all work together.

Research services


Sectors of application
  • Energy


Programmable logic controller

Solar voltaic arrays

Solar thermal flat-panel collectors

Wind turbine

Geothermal heating system



Overview of the Lakeland College Renewable Energy Learning Centre

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