Molecular Imaging Platform of the Research Institute of the MUHC

McGill University Health Centre, Montréal, Québec
What the facility does

High-end microscopy for advanced biomedical research, from molecules to animal imaging.

Areas of expertise

The Molecular Imaging Platform is one of the biggest imaging centres in Eastern Canada. The state-of-the-art light microscopy facility specializes in cell, tissue and intravital imaging. The platform houses multiple diversified and sophisticated systems, including epifluorescent microscopes for basic applications and live cell imaging (Ca2+ and ratiometric imaging); confocal microscopes for 2D and 3D imaging, fluorescence correlation spectroscopy (FCS), super-resolution imaging (SIM, PALM and dSTORM) and live cell imaging with photo manipulation. The platform has the first multi-photon microscope with dual IR-OPO lasers for intravital imaging in Canada. Other instruments include high-content screening/imaging (HCS/HCI) microscopes for medium-size screening and imaging as well as plate readers for multimodality applications (label-free, absorbance, bioluminescence and fluorescence). The Molecular Imaging Platform also provides access to offline workstations fitted with software enabling the analysis of high quality histochemical, morphological and biophysical images. The platform's experienced staff members are available for consultation and assistance on experimental design, image acquisition, and the application of various cell biology methods. 

Research services

Confocal imaging, super-resolution imaging,live cell imaging, intravital and deep tissue imaging, high content imaging and screening, TIRF imaging, epifluorescence for fixed cells and tissues, imaging protocols (FRAP, FRET, dSTORM, etc.), Ca2+ and ratiometric imaging, image acquisition and analysis, multimode plate reader,experimental design and consultation, sample preparation protocols: fixed or live cells and tissues, training, demonstration of new instrumentation, extended assistance, microscopy courses and workshops.

Sectors of application
  • Life sciences, pharmaceuticals and medical equipment

Specialized lab



Molecular Imaging Platform

Zeiss LSM 780 laser scanning confocal microscope


Multi-dimensional acquisition,

spectral imaging, unmixing,

live cell imaging



Zeiss LSM 880 ELYRAPS1 laser scanning confocal and super-resolution microscope (SIM and PALM / dSTORM)

Laser Scanning Confocal. TIRF, SIM, PALM and dSTORM


Zeiss LSM 780-NLO laser scanning confocal with IR-OPO lasers microscope

3D examinations (z-stack), deep tissue imaging, multiphoton excitation, live or fixed cell and tissue, FCS, RICS, FRAP, and FRET


Zeiss spinning disk Axio Observer Z1 microscope

Fast acquisition, high-speed 3D imaging, direct FRAP



Nikon Epi-fluorescence microscope for live cell imaging (Ca2+ and ratiometric imaging)

Live cell imaging, Ca2+  imaging,ratiometric imaging


Nikon Epi-fluorescence for live cell imaging

Fixed cell/tissue imaging, histological stains, immunohitochemistry and fluorescence


Zeiss MP7 multiphoton microscope

Thick tissue imaging, clearing tissue imaging, small animal intra-vital imaging.


Molecular Devices ImageXpress Micro XLS Widefield High-Content Analysis System

Widefield imaging, live-cell kinetic studies, cell and heat-shock studies.


PerkinElmer EnSpire multimode

plate reader

Cellular assays, biochemical assays, protein and small molecule interactions, cell and circadian rhythm studies.


Molecular Devices ImageXpress Ultra Confocal High-Content Analysis System

RNAi screening, protein localization, trafficking, antibody characterization, organelle morphology, cell and heat-shock studies.


PerkinElmer Victor X Light Multilabel

Plate Reader

GPCRs and kinases, binding assays: Immunoassays, kinetic assays, gene expression, toxicology, drug screening.

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