Applied Dynamics Laboratory (ADL)

McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario
What the facility does

Tests the structural response of systems, components, and materials, including masonry, concrete, steel, wood, pavement, and equipment.

Areas of expertise

McMaster University’s Applied Dynamics Laboratory (ADL) is a leader in bringing structural concepts to reality. Boasting equipment that includes three shake tables, static and dynamic actuators up to 3500 kN, and a range of equipment for testing the properties of various materials (e.g. masonry, concrete, pavement), the ADL continues to be the site of tests that illuminate how structures and materials respond to load.

Research services

Testing plans are developed in collaboration between clients, ADL staff, and McMaster faculty.

Sectors of application
  • Construction (including building, civil engineering, specialty trades)
  • Defence and security industries
  • Energy
  • Professional and technical services (including legal services, architecture, engineering)
  • Transportation



300 m2 of 100 MPa strong floor with bolt holes on 3’x3’ grid, all serviced by a 10-tonne crane


1000 kN universal tester


2200 kN compression tester


250 kN single axis shake table


250 kN two-axis shake table


100 kN 6-axis shake table


Shock tube


Planetary concrete mixer


Cured concrete testing equipment

Includes compression testers, permeability, porosity, and freeze/thaw testing.

Wet concrete testing equipment

For rheology, flow.

Ancillary tools, equipment and supplies to custom-build test equipment

To construct test equipment capable of applying up to 3500kN loads.

  • Canadian Concrete Masonry Producers Association (CCMPA)
  • Canada Masonry Design Centre
  • Canadian Institute of Steel Construction (CISC)
  • Motioneering
  • Global Affairs Canada
  • Ministry of Labour (Ontario)
  • ArcelorMittal



Lydell Wiebe presented with the HA Krentz award by the Canadian Institute of Steel Construction.…

Shady Salem wins the 2019 TMS Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation Award.…