Community Research Platform (CRP)

McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario
What the facility does

Supports researchers, students and community organizations to engage in collaborative research that advances scholarly knowledge and benefits the community.

Areas of expertise

The Community Research Platform (CRP) supports researchers, students and community organizations to engage in collaborative research that advances scholarly knowledge and benefits the community (i.e. sheds light on social issues, supports innovation, provides policy guidance, improves the well-being and resilience of community members).

The CRP develops, leverages, and mobilizes infrastructure and expertise from across McMaster and five local community organizations to build capacity and foster mutually beneficial research collaborations. Through the CRP, interdisciplinary researchers, students, staff, and community partners work collaboratively to advance research with a social purpose. The CRP aims to foster long term, sustainable, programs of research that extend far beyond one-off research projects. Stakeholders share research infrastructure in the form of space, software, data, equipment, and expertise.

Five research groups have emerged that align with the expertise and interests of McMaster researchers and the mandates of community partner organizations (i.e. mental health; gender and intersectionality; crime, justice and punishment; arts-informed research; and social engagement and community resilience). The research groups help facilitate interdisciplinary and intersectoral research initiatives.

The Platform Manager provides relational infrastructure by helping to initiate, maintain and foster ethical and sustainable partnerships between researchers and community partners and provides coordination support for all aspects of collaborative research projects.

Research services

The Community Research Platform offers support and unique opportunities for faculty, students and community organizations interested in working on partnered research including:

  • Support for developing and nurturing community-engaged research partnerships (i.e. on-going relational infrastructure provided).
  • Support with the development of project MOUs, workplans and service agreements.
  • Facilitated access to university and community-based research infrastructure (space, equipment, software, expertise).
  • Research project coordination including support with project conception, funding application, project execution and knowledge mobilization activities.
  • Support with the development of academic and community grants for partnered research.
  • Support with the development of Mitacs proposals.
  • Participation in an interdisciplinary, intersectoral community of practice with a focus on research with a social impact.
Sectors of application
  • Arts and cultural industries
  • Healthcare and social services
  • Policy and governance



Relational infrastructure

The Program Manager facilitates interdisciplinary research collaborations between McMaster researchers and community agencies.


  • Canadian Mental Health Association of Hamilton (CMHA Hamilton)
  • Young Women’s Christian Association of Hamilton (YWCA Hamilton)
  • Centre[3] for Artistic and Social Practice (Centre[3])
  • Hamilton Public Library (HPL)
  • John Howard Society of Ontario (JHSO)



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