Digital Tools in Music Education

Queen's University, Kingston, Ontario
What the facility does

Research on the development and implementation of digital technologies in music education

Area(s) of Expertise

We examine the content and context of studio music instruction and the implementation of digital technologies.

Research Services

Curriculum development and workshops for studio music instruction.

Sectors of Application
  • Education

Name of equipment

Description of function

Disklavier piano

Player piano that records key strokes when played and that can be accessed remotely.

Laptops, tablets




  • Centre for the Study of Learning and Performance (CSLP)
  • Concordia University



Webinar replay: how to motivate your students to practice between lessons

Digital database puts music resources at educators’ fingertips

Music Tool Suite

Cadenza: What is it and why use it?

Cadenza: How do I set it up?

Cadenza: How do I create a lesson with my student?

Cadenza: What can I expect to change when I start using this tool?

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