Turbulence Simulation and Modelling Laboratory

Queen's University, Kingston, Ontario
What the facility does

Analysis, modelling and prediction of turbulent flows in real-life applications in engineering and the physical sciences.

Areas of expertise

At the Turbulence Simulation and Modelling Laboratory (TSM Lab), Professor Ugo Piomelli and his collaborators are developing new methodologies to enable the analysis and prediction of turbulent flows. They carry out both fundamental and applied studies. The fundamental research facilitates the development of more accurate models for industrial applications. Current study focuses on the application of these models for water turbines, flows in rivers and lakes, helicopter brownout and flows in arteries.

Research services

Computational fluid dynamics (CFD), turbulence modelling, numerical simulations

Sectors of application
  • Aerospace and satellites
  • Automotive
  • Energy
  • Environmental technologies and related services
  • Life sciences, pharmaceuticals and medical equipment



Linux cluster

A 240-processor cluster used to perform simulations.