Centre for Biointerface Characterization

The University of British Columbia, Vancouver, British Columbia
What the facility does

Materials science and engineering.

Areas of expertise

The Centre for Biointerface Characterization (CBiC) is a hub between university researchers and industry partners seeking novel biomaterials’ solutions for the clean energy, human health, sustainable environment and construction sectors. The centre hosts a unique suite of instruments enabling comprehensive studies of various materials surfaces, with special emphasis on bio-organic materials. Of special interest is a set of spectrometers enabling full chemical characterization in the nano- to micro-domains, either for discovery of unknown structures or for quality control of engineered geometry and chemistry. Depending on specific project needs, CBiC services vary from contract work on submitted samples to longer-term research collaborations. Collaborators may choose to receive training and perform their experiments hands-on, on CBiC equipment, or they may work together with CBiC members on the design, execution and/or interpretation of experiments. Successful collaborations include the automotive fuel cell, enhanced forest products, and filter membrane industries, as well as university research (e.g., on biomedical devices, food processing, drug delivery, anti-fouling mechanisms, micro-fluidics, environmental asbestos control and anti-corrosion processes).

Research services
  • Analytics
  • nanofabrication
  • product enhancement processes
  • materials design and development
  • performance testing
  • proof-of-concept experiments
  • materials quality control
Sectors of application
  • Aerospace and satellites
  • Automotive
  • Construction (including building, civil engineering, specialty trades)
  • Energy (renewable and fossil)
  • Environmental technologies and related services
  • Forestry and forest-based industries
  • Healthcare and social services
  • Information and communication technologies and media
  • Life sciences, pharmaceuticals and medical equipment
  • Manufacturing and processing
  • Mining, minerals and metals



Time-of-flight secondary ion mass spectrometer

2D-3D chemical characterizations of material surfaces with nanometer resolution

Bio-compatible X-ray photoelectron spectrometer

Chemical analysis of material surfaces

Ultraviolet/visible light Raman micro-spectroscope

Chemical analysis of material surfaces with sub-micrometer resolution

Combined Raman spectroscope/atomic force microscope

Chemical analysis of material surfaces with sub-micrometer resolution

Combined total internal reflection fluorescence microscope/ atomic force microscope

Adhesion testing on molecular scales

Nanofibre tensile testing apparatus

Adhesion testing on nanometre scales

Multi-axial mechanical testing apparatus

Adhesion testing on micro- to macro-scales

Fine wire braider

Manufacturing of composite structures

Nanofibre electrospinning unit

Manufacturing of fibre structures

Atmospheric plasma unit

Coating of surfaces