Centre for Heart Lung Innovation (HLI)

The University of British Columbia, Vancouver, British Columbia
What the facility does

Cardiovascular and pulmonary research

Areas of expertise

Basic and clinician scientists work together in an exciting multidisciplinary environment to address vital issues in heart, lung and critical-care disease. Situated within Providence Health Care’s St. Paul’s Hospital, a University of British Columbia teaching hospital, The Centre for Heart Lung Innovation (HLI) is a translational research centre using our basic molecular and cellular research discoveries to develop innovative approaches to prevent and treat human disease through our complementary and connected clinical research.

Our focus is on developing solutions to the biggest challenges: atherosclerosis and heart failure, emphysema and other chronic pulmonary diseases, severe infections and multiple-organ failure, at the cellular, preclinical and clinical levels.

Research services

Microscopy, imaging, pathology and morphology, preclinical in vivo, histology, molecular phenotyping

The microscopy services support the centre's educational and research missions. We provide services to individual institutions and private industry in ultra-high-resolution imaging of cells and tissues in fixed and living specimens. In addition, we provide services in image analysis. 

The histology core offers a wide range of quality histological services delivered by experienced technicians who can work with you to advise on the best applications.

The Molecular Phenotyping Laboratory is a multi-user facility with an extensive range of equipment tailored to the phenotyping of patients, experimental animal models, tissues, cells and molecules.

The GEM Preclinical Facility facility offers flexible space, tech services and equipment for use with rodent and rabbit models. It contains a barrier breeding unit, a level-2 containment suite and conventional and surgical areas. As part of a network of service providers with the BC PRC (www.bcprc.com), we can work with you to achieve your research goals or manage your project for you.

Sectors of application
  • Life sciences, pharmaceuticals and medical equipment

Specialized lab



Multiphoton, confocal, electron microscope

Microscopy/imaging Atomic force microscope
Microscopy/imaging Structured illumination microscopy
Microscopy/imaging Aperio slide scanning
Microscopy/imaging Dissecting microscope with digital camera
Microscopy/imaging Laser capture micro-dissection for DNA and RNA
Microscopy/imaging Single-cell fluorescence microscope
Microscopy/imaging Micro CT scanner


Tissue processors

Histology Cryostats
Histology RX Bond autostainer

Molecular Phenotyping Laboratory

Flow cytometry

Molecular Phenotyping Laboratory PCR
Molecular Phenotyping Laboratory Mass spectrometer
Molecular Phenotyping Laboratory Luminex
Molecular Phenotyping Laboratory Cell sorter
Molecular Phenotyping Laboratory Cytocentrifuge
Molecular Phenotyping Laboratory Biorepository services

GEM Preclinical Facility

Visualsonics ultrasound for rodents

GEM Preclinical Facility Telemetry
GEM Preclinical Facility Surgical microscopy
GEM Preclinical Facility Anaesthesia
GEM Preclinical Facility Harvard voluntary wheel running system
GEM Preclinical Facility Kent Scientific non-invasive blood pressure monitoring
GEM Preclinical Facility Millar catheter system