Microstructural Analytics Laboratory

The University of British Columbia, Kelowna, British Columbia
What the facility does

Microstructural analysis of geological material

Areas of expertise

The Microstructural Analytics Laboratory at UBC Okanagan specializes in microstructural characterization and interpretation of geologic specimens. The lab has the capability to examine specimens from the decimeter scale down to the micron scale. It houses an optical crystal fabric microanalyzer; the only one of its kind in North America. This equipment can be used to determine the orientation of individual crystals in a rock (down to five microns in size), which can provide information on deformational characteristics such as shear sense, temperature, and vorticity of flow.

Research services

Microstructural analysis, crystal fabric orientations

Sectors of application
  • Mining, minerals and metals



G60+ crystal fabric analyzer

Optical characterization of crystal orientation

Leica DM4500P LED Polarizing Research Microscope


Olympus SZX16 polarizing stereoscope