mmWave facility

University of Calgary, Calgary, Alberta
What the facility does

RF. Microwave, and THz circuit and system designs

Areas of expertise

The mmWave facility is working on high frequency mixed integrated signal circuits, RF and THz integrated circuits, and  beamforming and antenna arrays. Some recent successful examples of our work include highly sensitive receiver systems and high-speed non-interleaved ADCs.

Research services

Development, design and verification of CMOS analog, RF and mixed signal integrated circuits, noise parameter extraction

Sectors of application
  • Aerospace and satellites
  • Information and communication technologies and media
Specialized lab Equipment Function
MiNT Noise parameter extraction system Custom-developed noise parameter measurement system
mmWave facility THz frequency extenders Can be used to characterize circuits and systems operating at frequencies as high as 0.5THz
  • PMC-Sierra Inc.
  • Skyworks
  • Maxlinear
  • National Research Council of Canada