NMR Facility

University of Ottawa, Ottawa, Ontario
What the facility does

Multidisciplinary analytical laboratory that is fundamental to structure elucidation in chemistry, biochemistry, chemical engineering and biology

Areas of expertise

The NMR Facility is here to serve your needs. We are well equipped with both solids and liquids instruments to serve you, including instruments for routine use and instruments requiring more user input. Our philosophy is to provide instruction to enable users to conduct their own NMR (nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy) measurements. We also accept samples to be run on a service basis by a qualified technician. We are available to discuss chemical problems that NMR can help address.

Research services

Chemical structure elucidation, molecular dynamics, kinetics, training, analytics

Sectors of application
  • Chemical industries
  • Education
Bruker AVANCE III HD 500 wide boreEquipped for solids and liquids
Bruker AVANCE II 400For liquids; with robotic sample changer
Bruker AVANCE III 400 wide boreFor solids; equipped with several specialized probes
Bruker AVANCE 300For liquids
Bruker AVANCE III 200 wide boreFor solids
Bruker AVANCE III HD 600For liquids; equipped with cryoprobe
Bruker FOURIER 300For liquids
Bruker AVANCE II 300For liquids
Internationally read NMR blog with information and tips for all users of NMRhttp://u-of-o-nmr-facility.blogspot.ca/