Intelligent Manufacturing Systems (IMS) Centre

University of Windsor, Windsor, Ontario
What the facility does

Provides an advanced research environment conducive to research excellence and innovation for developing new products ideas, innovative manufacturing systems paradigms, processes and tools.

Areas of expertise

The Intelligent Manufacturing Systems (IMS) Centre engages in applied projects with industry, networks and centres of research excellence, as well as international collaborations and exchanges. Research and physical facilities in the IMS Centre include:

  • The “iFactory” modular, reconfigurable and changeable manufacturing system – a first in North America;
  • The iDesign Studio for innovation, collaboration, modelling, simulation and new products verification; and
  • Digital Metrology (DEA Mistral CMM) and 3D physical prototyping (Prodigy-Dimensions).

Our expertise includes manufacturing systems paradigms (flexibility, reconfiguration and changeability), product innovation and design, products and production systems co-evolution, products and systems complexity, managing variety and change, agility, productivity and global competitiveness, rapid products development and prototyping, assembly, and robotics.

Research services

Design, planning and control of flexible, reconfigurable and changeable manufacturing systems and equipment (automotive, aerospace, consumer goods); products modeling, analysis, design verification  and rapid prototyping; mould, tool and die making (product, process planning, scheduling and system design and improvement); product variety management, families and platforms design and configuration, design, synthesis, planning and simulation of manufacturing systems; inspection, quality verification and Coordinate Measuring Machine (CCM) applications; implementation of lean manufacturing; offer education and training modules.

Sectors of application
  • Automotive
  • Education
  • Manufacturing and processing

Specialized lab 



Modular, Reconfigurable and Changeable Assembly System



A state-of-the-art transformable iFactory – first of its kind in North America. It consists of modules for robotic assembly, vision inspection, automated Storage and Retrieval (ASRS) and transportation modules that can be easily reconfigured to change the system layout and functionality. This “Factory in a Lab” is used to develop new manufacturing systems paradigms and transformative productivity technologies.

Rapid Prototyping Facilities


Dimension SST 1200es 3D Printer, Dell Precision T3500 workstation and programming software

A 3D fused deposition machine and software used in physical rapid prototyping of 3D digital models. The machine uses multiple colour materials. The support cleaning apparatus is a heat-controlled fluid-filled container to dissolve support material used in supporting model material in 3D prototypes.

Digital Metrology Facilities


MISTRAL Coordinate Measuring Machine, PC-DMIS CAD/CAD++ software, Dell Precision T3500  Workstation

A mechanical coordinate measurement machine used in quality control of components by digitizing and forming their 3D digital models.

iDesign Sudio


High-end PCs (10), LCD touchscreens (2) and application software

Seventy-inch Sharp LCD touchscreen used for interactive display and illustration purposes.

  • Essex Engine Plant Ford Motor Company (Windsor, ON)
  • Clifford Produce Inc. (Leamington, ON)
  • Dajcor Aluminum Inc. (Chatham, ON)
  • The Government of Ontario
  • The Government of Canada