Health and Well-being Research Laboratory

Bishop's University, Sherbrooke, Québec
What the facility does

Research on health and well-being from a temporally oriented biopsychosocial approach

Areas of expertise

The Health and Well-Being Research Laboratory enables research that stems from a positive psychology framework, investigating factors related to thriving and maximizing potential. Researchers at the lab explore adolescence and young adulthood and ways to maximize psychological well-being as youth transition into adulthood. The lab facilitates a narrative life-story approach to psychology, examining how the stories we tell about ourselves shape who we are and who we become. Currently, researchers are examining contexts that maximize successful development in young adults and adolescence, including the importance of on-going and intensive activity experiences as a predictor of overall well-being. Researchers are also studying the way narrative approaches to understanding self contribute to overall coping and functioning in populations with chronic illness.

Sectors of application
  • Education
  • Healthcare and social services

Specialized lab



Psychological testing facilities (PTF)

Computer and survey stations

The six testing stations allow for online and traditional paper and pencil survey assessments as well as the administration of cognitive functioning tests.

Qualitative research facilities (QRF)

Interview room equipped with table and chairs, ceiling mounted microphone, cameras, and projector with screen, with an adjoining observation room separated by a one-way mirror for discrete observations.

The QRF provides the means to conduct interviews and focus groups that can be recorded with audio or visual equipment. The projector is used to present stimuli during the focus group or interview.

Psychophysiological assessment equipment/lab

PowerLab/8SP psychophysiological data acquisition system (2)

This unit provides measurements of heart rate, blood pressure, grip strength, galvanic skin response, and respiration rate, which are essential for accurate evaluation of emotional and physical states in conjunction with self-report measures of health and well-being.


  • Research Centre on Aging CSSS-IUGS
  • Townshippers’ Association
  • Association de la fibromyalgie de l'Estrie



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