Quantum Information Theory Lab

Brandon University, Brandon, Manitoba
What the facility does

Mathematical research in quantum information theory

Areas of expertise

The research skills available in the lab are based primarily in pure and applied math, including matrix analysis, graph theory, operator theory, probability theory, measure theory, and quantum information theory. The space is designed for both in-person collaboration as well as video conferencing. The high-powered computing cluster is used for a variety of research projects using a mathematical approach to solving problems in quantum information theory and quantum computing. Sophisticated mathematical software allows for testing of mathematical theory, numerical calculations, optimization (via linear and semidefinite programming), and other computational uses.

Research services

Testing and optimization

Sectors of application
  • Defence and security industries
  • Information and communication technologies and media



High-powered computing cluster

The cluster uses top-level mathematical software to make large calculations, producing graphs, examples, optimizations, etc.



Researcher secures grants to further quantum computing at BU


Dr. Sarah Plosker