Canadian Astronomy Data Centre

National Research Council Canada, Victoria, British Columbia
What the facility does

One of the largest and most powerful astronomy data management centres in the world, and one of the first to transition from "data host" to integrated systems provider

Areas of expertise

The Canadian Astronomy Data Centre (CADC) has emerged as one of the largest and most powerful astronomy data management centres in the world, housing some of the world's most important astronomical data collections, including those from the Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope (CFHT), the twin Gemini telescopes and the James Clerk Maxwell Telescope.

Delivering over a petabyte (1 million gigabytes) of data to nearly 6,000 astronomers each year – 60% of the entire global community – CADC data has helped safely guide the first close spacecraft encounter with Pluto and enabled the discovery of supermassive black holes that reveal secrets to the origin of the Universe. CADC's data collection, along with its world-leading cloud infrastructure for astronomy, provides a unique resource for data-intensive astrophysical research.

While developed as an astronomy data management platform, the CADC's expertise in data-intensive scientific computing is increasingly used to serve a much broader research community. The CADC continues to expand its role by partnering with the Canadian Advanced Network For Astronomical Research (CANFAR) and Compute Canada to integrate its services with cloud computing and storage technologies.

Research services

CADC is supported by an interdisciplinary team of astronomers and software developers that specialize in data mining, processing, distribution and transferring of very large astronomical datasets. Over the past three decades, these experts have developed sophisticated tools to support and enhance the research efforts of Canadian and international astronomers. Evolving to better serve its science community, CADC software and data support massive processing, visualization and analytics.

Sectors of application
  • Aerospace and satellites



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