Centre for Disability Prevention and Rehabilitation

Ontario Tech University, Oshawa, Ontario
What the facility does

Research on the prevention and rehabilitation of musculoskeletal disability and mental health conditions

Areas of expertise

The Centre for Disability Prevention and Rehabilitation (CDPR) conducts research to reduce the impact of disability related to musculoskeletal pain and mental health conditions. Our research aims to understand the causes and prognosis of these conditions and develop and test methods effective approach to limit their consequences at the individual and societal levels. We have expertise in epidemiology, qualitative research and knowledge translation. We have conducted several projects with international and national partners including collaborations with the World Health Organization, Eurospine, the Canadian Armed Forces, the Canadian Chiropractic Association, AVIVA Canada, the Government of Ontario and the College of Chiropractors of British Columbia.

Research services
  • Development of clinical practice guidelines
  • Conduct of rapid reviews, scoping reviews and systematic reviews of the literature
  • Epidemiological studies
  • Randomized trials
  • Analysis of administrative data
  • Development and testing of knowledge translation tools
Sectors of application
  • Financial services and insurance
  • Healthcare and social services
  • Policy and governance



R (Statistical Analysis Software)

Software environment for statistical computing and graphics

SAS (Statistical Software)

Software for data management, advanced analytics, multivariate analysis, and predictive analysis

SPSS (Statistical Software)

Software package used for interactive, or batches statistical analysis

Stata (Statistical Software)

Statistical software for data science

EPPI Reviewer 4 (Systematic Review Software)

Software for all types of literature review including systematic reviews

NVIVO (Qualitative Data Analysis Software)

A qualitative data analysis software package

  • Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College
  • Aviva Canada
  • Sophiahemmet University (Sweden)
  • EuroSpine



Ontario Tech epidemiologist collaborating with World Health Organization on COVID-19 Research


New College of Chiropractors of British Columbia (CCBC) collaboration with Ontario Tech University to inform chiropractic regulations with scientific evidence