IRIS : ISAC Charged Particle Reaction Spectroscopy Station

Saint Mary's University, Vancouver, British Columbia
Area(s) of Expertise

IRIS is a facility, unique in the world, which undertakes rare isotope science. The facility has pioneered the use of a thin solid hydrogen (cryogenic) target to study the nuclear reactions of rare isotopes. The facility has also developed a low-pressure ionization chamber that enables identification of the accelerated rare isotope element species. The facility uses highly segmented semiconductor silicon detectors to tag the reaction. Researchers use highly sophisticated VME- and NIM-based electronics for data processing. The facility stepped into its operational phase in 2013 with a vigorous scientific program, whose core elements include the development of data analysis and processing software. 

What the facility does

Fundamentals of subatomic physics

Research Services

Data Processing, computer simulation programs, testing of electronics, data analysis 

Sectors of Application
  • Education
  • Information and communication technologies and media
  • Professional and technical services (including legal services, architecture, engineering)

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Reaction facility for subatomic physics

  • KEK
  • McMaster University
  • Research Center for Nuclear Physics (Osaka/Japan)
  • Simon Fraser University
  • The University of Guelph