Centre for Imagination In Research, Culture And Education

Simon Fraser University, Burnaby, British Columbia
What the facility does

Celebrates and develops imaginative practices/programs in schools/workplaces/communities; collaborates with organizations to increase imaginative engagement/innovation 

Areas of expertise

Our work is interdisciplinary and international in scope. Primarily we work with educators, researchers, and school administrators in all learning contexts (PreK-graduate school) to improve education by introducing innovative practices and programs that engage the emotions and imaginations of students in learning. We work with non-educational organizations to increase engagement, imagination and creativity in the workplace, providing online, free, professional development/networking/coaching/mentoring.

Research services

Workshops/seminars/coaching/mentoring/conferences for teachers and/or administrators and for any interested organization around increasing imagination/engagement;

Graduate programs in curriculum/pedagogy and educational leadership; 

Aboriginal education principles and programs;

Program development/implementation/expansion support: Learning in Depth program, Whole school projects program, Imaginative Ecological education program, Walking Curriculum;

New formats for planning teaching; resources; online professional development/networking

Sectors of application
  • Arts and cultural industries
  • Education
  • Management and business related services
Name of equipment in use
3 workstations with basic computing and printing technologies