Device Development Lab

Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre, Toronto, Ontario
What the facility does

Research and development of medical devices prototyping

Areas of expertise

The Device Development Lab specializes in medical-device prototyping. The lab is well equipped, with a dedicated machine shop, ISO 6 and 7 clean rooms and access to expert scientists and clinicians for collaboration. With access to a preclinical imaging and testing facility, the lab has a strong track record of assisting successful start-up companies and is well positioned to help turn ideas for medical devices into products.

The Sunnybrook Research Institute is affiliated with the University of Toronto and is located within the Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre, one of the largest hospitals in Ontario.

Research services
  • Custom diagnostic and therapeutic ultrasound transducer design, fabrication and testing
  • MR coil design, fabrication and testing
  • Catheter design, fabrication and testing
  • Machine shop services for medical devices
Sectors of application
  • Life sciences, pharmaceuticals and medical equipment
  • Manufacturing and processing
Specialized labEquipmentFunction
Machine ShopWaterjet cutterCutting difficult-to-cut materials
 CNCGeneral 3D machining
 Rapid prototyper3D printing of thermoset, thermoplastic
Clean Room (ISO 7)WirebonderFine wiring tool (manual)
 Eutectic bonderDie bonding tool (manual)
 Hot bar press

Flexible circuit bonding tool

(PCB to Flex, Flex to LCD bonding)

Clean Room (ISO 6)E-beam evaporatorThin-film metal coating
 Sputtering machineThin-film metal and metal oxide coating
 Mask alignerMicron scale mask alignment for photolithography
Processing RoomDicing sawWafer dicing (glass, quartz, piezo crystal)
 Lapping machineFine grinding of piezo crystal
 Parylene deposition systemParylene conformal coating
Quality Control RoomCatheter testing stationMechanical testing of catheter flexibility
 Catheter forming stationForming various structures with catheter tubing