Canadian Atherosclerosis Imaging Network (CAIN)

Université de Montréal, Montréal, Québec
What the facility does

Reception, digital and automatic transfer, and storage of medical images in DICOM (Digital Imaging Communication in Medicine) format

Areas of expertise

A computer science infrastructure that receives multimodal medical images (MRI, IVUS, PET/CT, CT, echography, etc.) in DICOM format from anywhere in the world that are de-identified at their original sites. The images received are stored to create high-value information assets for medical research. They are also transferred automatically to the institution responsible for analysing them for research purposes.

Research services

Reception, storage and routing of de-identified DICOM files

Sectors of application
  • Healthcare and social services




De-identification, transfer, reception, storage and automatic routing of DICOM files

  • Servier
  • Hoffman LaRoche
  • Institut de Cardiologie de Québec
  • CHUS
  • UBC