Bioprocessing and Nano-Enzyme Formulation Facility (BANEFF)

Université du Québec - Institut national de la recherche scientifique (INRS), Québec, Québec
What the facility does

Bioprocessing and nanoformulations to produce high-value and safe bioproducts

Areas of expertise

The Bioprocessing and Nano-Enzyme Formulation Facility (BANEFF) works in close collaboration with universities and the industrial sector for the testing and commercialization of different technologies of bioproduction, such as enzymes, biohydrogen, butanol, citric acid and fumaric acid. In addition to the regular laboratory equipment for specific uses and with supportive analytical facilities, BANEFF comprises principally three phases: fermentation, extraction and formulation. The facilities are accessible to universities, industries and government laboratories. The three-phase installations comprise a liquid-state fermenter, two solid-state fermenters, lyophilizer, incubator shaker, ultrafiltration system and nanospray dryer, along with spectrophotometer, autoclave, nanosizer and allied equipment. The installations comprise a platform for upstream bioprocessing, downstream bioprocessing and peripheral analytical equipment. There are different ways in which clients can use the BANEFF infrastructure: (1) getting complete training on the equipment and using it themselves in the laboratory; (2) through research contracts with INRS-ETE; and (3) enhancing the research and testing potential by collaborating with the professor through different research-grant mechanisms or direct research contracts.

To date, BANEFF has carried out the diverse activities through direct training and industry-university research collaborations. BANEFF has also worked in partnership to produce enzymes for the brewery industry, biopesticides, value addition of pomace into diverse enzymes, antioxidants and animal feed, enzymes for lipid extraction and green-food alternatives.

Research services

Fermentation: solid and liquid state, pre-treatment of wastes, screening of strains for high-performance production of bioproducts, extraction and purification of bioproducts, microformulation and nanoformulation of bioproducts, analysis of unknown metabolites, degradation by-products of organic compounds in the environment for complex matrices such as wastes, waste water, sludge and soils

Sectors of application
  • Agriculture, animal science and food
  • Energy
  • Environmental technologies and related services
Specialized lab Equipment Function
Bioprocessing Laboratory Liquid-state fermenter, including hydrogen and CO2 sensor and mechanical foam breaker and chiller units For fermentation of different substrates coupled with the measurement of gases during aerobic and anaerobic fermentation
Bioprocessing Laboratory Solid-state fermenter (rotating drum type), including in situ sterilization, measurement of moisture, pH and CO2 For fermentation of solid and semi-solid substrates with total solids concentration exceeding 80 g/L
Bioprocessing Laboratory Autoclave for dry and liquid samples Sterilization of dry and wet media for pure-strain fermentation and decontamination of petris/wastes
Bioprocessing Laboratory Portable benchtop laminar-flow chamber For strain isolation, plating and all microbiological assays
Bioprocessing Laboratory Ultrasonication equipment For pretreatment and breakdown of complex organic matter
Bioprocessing Laboratory Phase contrast microscope To assess contamination during fermentation and for general observation of microbial growth on petris
Bioprocessing Laboratory Peristaltic pumps For transfer of different substrates and fluids into the fermenter
Bioprocessing Laboratory Nitrogen evaporator To concentrate and dry precious bioproduct samples under nitrogen
Downstream Bioprocessing Laboratory Ultrafiltration equipment For extraction and concentration of different components of fermentation broths
Downstream Bioprocessing Laboratory Ultrasonication For extraction of intracellular material
Downstream Bioprocessing Laboratory Lyophilization Freeze-drying of liquid samples for pre-formulations, analysis and storage
Downstream Bioprocessing Laboratory SDS-PAGE For data profiling of different protein components in the extracted fermentation broths
Downstream Bioprocessing Laboratory Microfiltration For filtration of different fermented broths for analysis
Downstream Bioprocessing Laboratory Nanospray dryer For nanoformulation of different types, such as encapsulation, powder and emulsion
Peripheral Analytical Laboratory UV-Vis spectrophotometer, including microplate reader For analysis of microbial growth, enzymes and chemicals
Peripheral Analytical Laboratory Nanosizer, including autotitration and zeta potential measurements For analysis of particle size in the nanometer range
Peripheral Analytical Laboratory Water bath for incubation experiments during analysis To facilitate reactions during analysis
Peripheral Analytical Laboratory Accelerated extraction system, including high pressure For extraction of organic compounds from complex matrices, such as waste water, wastes and soils
Peripheral Analytical Laboratory Microwave extraction For extraction of organic compounds in small volumes from solid and liquid media
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  • Lallemand Inc.
  • Magnus Inc.
  • Aliments Breton Inc.
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