High-Resolution Raman System

The University of British Columbia, Vancouver, British Columbia
What the facility does

High-resolution Raman measurements for materials analysis

Areas of expertise

This Raman system can perform materials analysis: stress, chemical composition, crystallinity, temperature, etc. It is unique in the sense that (1) it can do high spectral and spatial resolution, (2) there are three available laser wavelengths (325nm, 442nm, 633nm) and (3) a heating stage is attached, so in situ Raman under heat treatment is possible.

Research services

Raman measurements

Sectors of application
  • Healthcare and social services
  • Manufacturing and processing
Equipment Function
LabRam HR Raman system
  • High spectral resolution: 0.3 cm-1/pixel for 442nm, 0.6 cm-1/pixel for 325nm
  • Resolution after peak fitting: 0.03 cm-1 for 442nm, 0.06 cm-1 for 325nm
  • Si stress measurement resolution: 15 MPa
  • Ge concentration measurement resolution: 0.05% Ge resolution
  • High spatial resolution: sub-μm laser spot size, 2-D mapping capability
  • 325nm/442nm/633nm polarized laser wavelength
  • Penetration depth: 5nm, 0.24 μm and 3 μm in Si, respectively
  • Heating stage up to 1200°C, gas ambient OK
  • Heating rate up to 200°C/min