Pulp and Paper Centre

The University of British Columbia, Vancouver, British Columbia
What the facility does

Research for the benefit of the pulp and paper industry.

Areas of expertise

Our focus is on fibre product development and sustainable fibre production. We specialize in low-consistency pulp refining and pulp screening.

Research services
  • Process optimization
  • Technology development
  • Product development
Sectors of application
  • Chemical industries
  • Energy
  • Forestry and forest-based industries
  • Manufacturing and processing
  • Utilities

Specialized lab



Low Consistency Refining Facility

AIKAWA 150 HP 16’’ Single Disc LC Refiner

Connected to a variable frequency drive. Capable of refining pulp over a wide range of conditions (RPM, gap, flowrate, different plates). Fully integrated to computer controls.


Pumping Loop

Our piping system allows bypassing the pulp refiner, so we can perform pumping tests. Our pumping loop consists of two 4m3 tanks connected through a 40 HP slurry pump with variable frequency drives (VFD) capability. The flow rate is measured through magnetic flowmeters. Flow rate can be controlled through pump frequency or via control valves, allowing real-time measurement of pumping performance.

Pulp Screening Facility

Pilot 8’’ Beloit MR8 Pressure Screen

Fully instrumented with computer-controlled valves, pressure and flow meters. The pressure screen rotor and slurry pump are VFD driven. Besides control of the flows and screen RPM, we have a variety of cylinder and rotor designs.

Fibre and Pulp Quality Evaluation Lab

Fibre quality analyzer and microscope, Bauer Sprout 50 HP 12’’ Atmospheric High Consistency Refiner, 24 iter Repulper, Canadian Standard Freeness Tester,  Bauer McNett Fractionation Tester, Sommerville Screener, disintegrators, handsheet maker, handsheet press, ovens, PFI mill, screw press


Paper Test Lab

Mullen Burst Tester, L&W Tensile Tester, Elmendorf Tear Tester, L&W Micro Calliper, Technidyne ColorTouch


  • Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council
  • FPInnovations
  • AIKAWA Fiber Technologies
  • Canfor Corporation
  • West Fraser Pulp and Paper
  • Catalyst Paper
  • Howe Sound Pulp and Paper
  • North Pacific Paper Corporation
  • Millar Western Forest Products
  • BC Hydro
  • Westcan