Sustainable Transport Safety Research Laboratory

The University of British Columbia, Kelowna, British Columbia
What the facility does

Research & Development of models / expert systems for on / off-road safety prediction of planned / existing communities

Area(s) of Expertise

While there is a global awareness that more sustainable community development patterns are imperative, there is no science-based, empirical agreement on the impacts and benefits of those patterns.  As such, Dr Lovegrove’s sustainable communities research seeks to develop reliable, predictive, empirical tools that will quantify those evaluations for community planners, engineers, and decision-makers. Dr Lovegrove is seeking commercial partners as early adopters of his modeling technology, including his ongoing work to develop an expert system in his STS Research Lab that will accelerate and automatic the development and application of his models by practitioners world wide.  His research has resulted in a novel neighborhood road pattern design – the 3-way Offset aka Fused Grid - that suggests that over 60% of common road collisions in neighborhoods can be eliminated.  He also wishes to use his models to show the progressive improvement in road safety as more and more drivers get out of cars and onto bicycles, buses, and sidewalks.

Research Services

Sustainable community land use & transportation planning, Transport safety evaluations, Regression modeling, Black spot analyses, Collision prediction modeling & applications

Name of specialized lab

Name of equipment

Description of function

Sustainable Transport Safety Lab

8 Computer Workstations, with:



-Transportation Planning software



-GIS software



-Regression software



-Expert system software



-Database management software



-Traffic Engineering software



-Programming software



-Color 44” wide Plotter



Wide format scanner

For digitizing print media data


Full tele-video conference facilities



SMART Board, document camera

For digitizing collaborative discussions


Instrumented electric assist probe bicycle

For on/off road logging of GPS, inertial, video data