Colibrì Telescope Array

Western University (The University of Western Ontario), Granton, Ontario
What the facility does

Astronomical facility with optical 50 cm telescopes for rapid wide-field imaging

Areas of expertise

The Colibrì Telescope Array is the only operational astronomical facility internationally to be dedicated to very rapid imaging (up to 40 times per second) over a wide field of view (1.8 degrees). It is exceptionally well-suited for rapid-time domain astronomical phenomena, such as monitoring stellar occultations or nearby asteroids, or for tracking artificial satellites in Earth’s orbit. The three 50 cm (20-inch) telescopes are also available for deeper optical monitoring or imaging of extrasolar planetary transits, extragalactic supernovae, etc.

Research services
  • Optical imaging
  • Rapid time-domain event detection
Sectors of application
  • Aerospace and satellites
  • Education
Hercules Telescopes HTP 500 F/3 (3)Three F/3 prime-focus imaging 50cm telescopes
FLI CMOS Kepler 40404k x 4x CMOS optical cameras


  • Hercules Telescopes