Scientific Services Division Flow Cytometry Facility

Health Canada, Ottawa, Ontario
What the facility does

Biological research to detect and quantify physical and chemical characteristics of cells or biological particles in a fluid

Areas of expertise

The facility provides services for regulatory research to quantatively profile a large population of loose cells in a heterogeneous fluid mixture using popular flow cytometry technology. Examples of flow cytometry applications that are frequently performed in the facility include immunophenotyping, simultaneous analysis of surface and intracellular fluorescent labeling, and cell viability assessment.

Research services

The laboratory has expertise in performing multicolour immunophenotyping, surface and intracellular fluorescent analysis, and cell viability assessment on large population of cells from multiple organs and species. The facility is also capable of developing cell cycle analysis, apoptosis measurement, and cell proliferation assays.

Sectors of application
  • Agriculture, animal science and food
  • Life sciences, pharmaceuticals and medical equipment
Specialized labEquipmentFunction
Scientific Services Division (SSD) Flow Cytometry LaboratoryBD LSRFortessa™ cell analyzerUses laser excitation and fluorescence detection to measure parameters of microscopic biological particles that pass through a laser beam in a fluid stream
 Food Directorate…
Lack of adverse health effects following 30-weeks of dietary exposure to acrylamide at low doses in male F344 rats. Toxicol Rep.
Phagocytosis-coupled flow cytometry for detection and size discrimination of anionic polystyrene particles. Anal Biochem
In vitro enhancement of mouse T helper 2 cell sensitization to ovalbumin allergen by carbon black nanoparticles. Toxicol Sci.