Finance and Insurance High-Performance Computing Laboratory

HEC Montréal, Montréal, Québec
What the facility does

Ultra-high performance infrastructure required for rapid computations with large databases.

Areas of expertise

The facility possesses high-frequency data from the Frankfurt, New York, Toronto and London stock exchanges to analyze intraday financial market transactions and arbitrage activity between the Toronto and NY stock exchanges, and between the Frankfurt and London stock exchanges.

The software Xetra Parser is used to process these immense databases as the format and sample size obtained from the Xetra platform (Frankfurt) make it impossible to use the data in its original form. The exploitation of this type of data is highly complex because it contains information on continuous transactions.

The project was motivated by stock market liquidity and information problems experienced since the recent financial crisis.

Research services

Computer servers, financial and insurance databases, developed software such as Xetra Parser

Sectors of application
  • Financial services and insurance
Specialized labEquipmentFunction

High-performance computing laboratory

(Site 1)

SAS SoftwareStatistical software suite.
 MathWorks MATLAB LicenceProgramming and high performance computing platform.
  • 36-port, 40-G InfiniBand network
  • Sun Fire X4170 [16] and support
  • X4275x64 server [1] and support
  • 2.80-GHz Intel i7-860 workstation PCs [12]
  • APC Basic Rack PDU [2]
  • 6 precision 5820 rpm XCTO base (210-ANJK)
  • 1 GPU-IntelI7-7800X-128 GB DDR4 2400 Mhz server

High-performance computing laboratory

(Site 2)

  • IBM Storage Add-On (SAN)
  • 1 Think System SR650 12C 128 GB RAM 30TB SAS RAID6 server
  • 1 Think System SR630 server
  • 2 x 24C 2.7 GHz 1TB RAM

High-performance computing laboratory

(Site 3)

  • 3 precision 5820 rpm XCTO base (210-ANJK)
  • Société de l’assurance automobile du Québec
  • National Bank of Canada
  • Intact Insurance
Canada Research Chair in Risk Management
Georges Dionne received an award for research excellence - 2022 Harris Schlesinger Prize
Georges Dionne receives the 2021 Kulp-Wright Book Award
An article by Georges Dionne recognized – Best article award from the American Risk and Insurance Association (ARIA)
Georges Dionne named a Fellow of the Canadian Economics Association (CEA)…
Research and Teaching Award – 2019 Roger Charbonneau Award
Georges Dionne and Samir Saissi Hassani win the best paper award – 2018 OpRisk Awards…
Georges Dionne awarded $3.6 million in new research funding
Georges Dionne honoured by the International Insurance Society (IIS) – 2017 John S. Bickley Founder’s Award