Centre for Integrated and Advanced Medical Imaging (CIAMI)

McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario
What the facility does

Provides researchers with access to advanced diagnostic imaging technology, equipment, and resources to foster new discoveries and assess current trends in radiation science. 

Areas of expertise

Created by a partnership between Mohawk College and McMaster University, the Centre for Integrated and Advanced Medical Imaging (CIAMI) is the site for continuing research, with access to innovative technologies and the use of artificial intelligence (AI) to enable cutting-edge discoveries.

CIAMI brings technology and healthcare together in Hamilton to propel advancements in imaging research. The MRI Suite is equipped with a SIGNA™ Premier 3.0T from GE Healthcare, the second unit of this kind in Canada with an integrated NordicNeuroLab audio-visual system. This machine is a beneficial and robust resource enabling advancements in imaging for various initiatives and research projects.

CIAMI enables neurological research including spectroscopy, functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI), diffusion tensor imaging (DTI), advanced cardiac research including vessel wall imaging and arterial spin labelling with breast imaging capabilities. While improving the patient experience with a 70cm bore size, the SIGNA™ Premier magnet supports a large 50cm field of view (FOV) and may reduce exam time since fewer acquisitions are needed to cover a large anatomy.

In addition to the MRI Suite, the GE Revolution CT ES scanner at the Institute for Applied Health Sciences offers opportunities for inanimate / material composition research endeavours. This unit is best in class with 0.23MM spatial resolution, a 80cm bore and a HyperDrive to enable up to 437.5mm/s volume acquisition speed without compromising a 50cm scan field of view (SFOV) with superior image quality.

Research services
  • Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)
  • Susceptibility weighted imaging (SWI)
  • Diffusion tensor imaging (DTI)
  • Magnetic resonance spectroscopy, T1 and T2 relaxation measurements, power injector
  • fMRI (functional magnetic resonance imaging), rs-fMRI (resting-state fMRI)
  • Multi-nuclear NMR (nuclear magnetic resonance) spectroscopy
  • Magnetic resonance elastography (MRE)
  • Cardiac imaging
  • Computed tomography (CT) scanning
  • 3D CT scanning
  • Simulated organ design (CT imaging phantoms)
  • Image processing and analysis
Sectors of application
  • Education
  • Healthcare and social services
  • Information and communication technologies and media
  • Life sciences, pharmaceuticals and medical equipment
  • Professional and technical services (including legal services, architecture, engineering)
Specialized labEquipmentFunction
MRI SuiteGE Healthcare SIGNA™ Premier XT 3.0T MRI SystemFeatures a compact, lightweight, superconducting magnet designed to provide excellent homogeneity ensuring uniform signal and fat-suppression over a larger field of view (FOV).
MRI SuiteGE Healthcare SIGNA™ Premier AIR Coil Suite (HNA, PA, and AA)21-Channel Head/Neck Array (HNA), 60-Channel Posterior Array (PA), 30-Channel AIR Anterior Array (AIR AA).
MRI SuiteNeoCoil 3.0T 16-Channel Shoulder Coil 
MRI SuiteGE Healthcare 3.0T 18-Channel TDI T/R Knee Array 
MRI SuiteGE Healthcare 3.0T SIGNA™ Pioneer AIR™ MP Coils Large and Medium with Positioner Kit 
MRI SuiteNordicNeuroLab nordicComfortSolutionEntertainment system to improve the patient experience during MRI scans. The player allows the MR technologist to control the rotation of the screen, volume, and it’s easy to find video content or radio stations.
MRI SuiteGE Healthcare Medial Array 3.0T 16ch Breast CoilFor breast imaging.
MRI SuiteMEDRAD® MRXperion MR Injection SystemOn pedestal mount with penetration panel filter kit.
MRI SuiteSingle Chamber Blanket/Solution Warming CabinetIdeal for blanket warming during research studies for patient comfort. Capacity: 20 blankets.
CT SuiteGE Revolution CT ES scannerPremium computed tomography (CT) scanner that brings the essence of Revolution CT experience into a scalable platform. Delivers HD image quality, fast volumetric scanning, CT spectral imaging, and requires lower dose with optimized contrast use.
CT SuiteMEDRAD® CT Injector 
Mohawk, McMaster launch new advanced medical imaging centre.


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