Microbial Fermentation and Bioproducts Facility

National Research Council Canada, Montreal, Québec
What the facility does

Develops sustainable processes for transforming bio-based resources into high-value products.

Areas of expertise

The Microbial Fermentation and Bioproducts (MFB) Facility is used to develop sustainable processes for transforming bio-based resources into high-value products, such as biofertilizers, specialized proteins, enzymes, and fine chemicals. The labs deliver essential support to three different areas of research and development: biocatalysis, microbial fermentation development, and downstream processing. The facility has fermentation equipment for up 3 x 10 L working volume scale, as well as specialized equipment for downstream processing, such as protein purification, filtration systems, spray-drying and analytical instruments. The MFB combines upstream molecular and microbial research with fermentation process development, downstream processing and intermediate scale-up, all under one roof. The team is also capable of purifying biomolecules (e.g., enzymes or biological active proteins) from the developed and optimized fermentation processes by developing small scale purification procedures, particularly for thermosensitive proteins. Also offered are spray-drying process development of biomolecules ranging from active chemicals, peptides, proteins and active enzymes to living microorganisms, and microencapsulation.

Research services
  • Microbiome characterization, strain development, and recombinant production of enzymes
  • Microbial fermentation development, optimization, and scale-up
  • Small-scale protein purification
  • Spray-drying of biomolecules and encapsulation
  • Screening of ready-to-use tool-kit of biocatalysts including oxidoreductases, lyases and hydrolases
Sectors of application
  • Agriculture, animal science and food
  • Chemical industries
  • Clean technology
  • Life sciences, pharmaceuticals and medical equipment



Agilent 1260 Infinity II HPLC

High-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC). For analysis of 24 x 2 mL vials or 2 x 96 well microplates.

Parallel microfermentation system

Enables up to 24 independent 5 ml reactors to run concurrently.

DASGIP Parallel Bioreactor System

Parallel operation of 4 x 1 L bioreactors with controlled agitation, pH, and dissolved oxygen (DO) for batch and fed-batch fermentation process development.

10 L fully controlled bioreactors (3)

Intermediate fermentation process scale-up.

Mini spray dryer

Development of specific protocols for drying biomolecules and encapsulation strategies.

ÄKTAexplorer™ FPLC system

Fast Protein Liquid Chromatography (FPLC). Protein purification.

Small scale filtration systems

For protein isolation and purification.

Mini homogenizer

For cell breakage.

High-shear mixer

For mixing and emulsification.

French press

For cell breakage.