Social Research Centre (SRC)

Ontario Tech University (University of Ontario Institute of Technology), Oshawa, Ontario
What the facility does

Conducts, facilitates and educates on high quality social sciences research practices using qualitative and quantitative methodologies

Areas of expertise

The Social Research Centre (SRC) is a multidisciplinary unit located within Ontario Tech University. It utilizes the skill set of employees and various research methodologies, to create, distribute and analyze surveys, as well as focus groups, interviews and service/program evaluations. The centre also excels in grant application review and writing techniques, that play a large role in the acquisition of federal, provincial and private sector grants. The previously mentioned areas are heavily client-driven, wherein we will explore the needs of the client in order to create a customized research plan for the specific needs of the client. The SRC utilizes both qualitative and quantitative research methodologies, as well as other research related activities to aid research in a variety of fields. The SRC has a secure office located within the university, and is equipped with software to facilitate both qualitative and quantitative research. Led by Matthew Stein, the SRC also gives graduate and undergraduate students practical learning opportunities, as well as experience in facilitating various parts of research projects.

Research services
  • Survey design, survey analysis, comprehensive report writing
  • Focus groups, interviews, transcription, program/service evaluations
  • Grant writing and application aid
  • Market research
  • Community and corporate workshops on research methodologies and design
Sectors of application
  • Clean technology
  • Energy
  • Healthcare and social services
  • Management and business related services
  • Policy and governance
QualtricsSoftware program to design, distribute and collect surveys and survey data
IBM SPSS Statistics 25Statistics software to conduct quantitative research, in particular data analysis
Collaborative space for researchThe office is designed in a way that allows for meetings and medium sized groups within our team to discuss our projects. The space also allows for interviews and focus groups to be conducted.
  • Durham Workforce Authority
  • Community Development Council Durham
  • Joanne’s House
  • City Idea Lab
  • City of Oshawa
  • Regional Municipality of Durham
  • Oshawa Senior Community Centres
  • Jobs SPOT Platform