Centre for Macular Research

The University of British Columbia, Vancouver, British Columbia
What the facility does

Retinal degenerative diseases, macular degeneration, gene therapy, molecular biology, protein chemistry, imaging

Areas of expertise

The main focus of the Centre for Macular Research is to elucidate molecular and cellular mechanisms responsible for retinal degenerative diseases, including macular degeneration, that constitute a major cause of blindness in Canada and the world population. The information derived from these studies is being used to develop new diagnostic and therapeutic approaches to slow or eliminate photoreceptor degeneration and improve visual outcome. New imaging methods are also being developed to better evaluate the disease progression and therapeutic interventions.

Research services

Optical coherence tomography, electroretinography, confocal scanning microscopy, scanning laser ophthalmoscopy

Sectors of application
  • Education
  • Life sciences, pharmaceuticals and medical equipment



Confocal scanning microscope

Visualization of retinal cell structure

Optical coherence tomography

Non-invasive method to analyze retinal structure


Evaluate the photoresponse

HPLC and related accessories

Identify retinal compounds

Optokinetics instrumentation

Evaluate visual behaviour in animal models for retinal diseases and subjected to therapeutic intervention

Tissue culture facilities

Growth of normal, disease and stem cells for retinal research