Willerth Laboratory

University of Victoria, Victoria, British Columbia
What the facility does

Stem cell based tissue engineering

Areas of expertise

The Willerth lab uses pluripotent stem cells, controlled drug delivery and biomaterial scaffolds for engineering neural tissue.

Research services

Live cell imaging, flow cytometry,  quantitative polymerase chain reaction,  microplate reader, next generation DNA sequencing, 3D bioprinting

Sectors of application
  • Healthcare and social services
  • Life sciences, pharmaceuticals and medical equipment
  • Manufacturing and processing

Specialized lab




IncuCyte Live Cell Imager

An automated microscopy for quantifying cell behavior


Tecan Infinite™ 200Pro Microplate Reader

Uses advanced optics and high-performance detectors for the fluorescence, luminescence and absorbance readings. 

  Illumina MiSeq High throughput benchtop DNA sequencer

Wet lab

PCR machines

Flow cytometer

Biosafety Level II hoods (2)

Tissue culture incubators (2)

Western blot imager


  RX1 bioprinter A sophisticated bioprinter for generating tissues from living cells

MedGenesis Therapeutix

STEMCELL Technologies

StressMarq Biosciences Inc.

iPROGEN Biotech

Aspect Biosystems

Immunoprecise Antibodies 



Dr. Willerth’s Canada Research Chair Profile