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Put your research facility on the map. Join hundreds of researchers across the country who are promoting their expertise and infrastructure on the Research Facilities Navigator.

Each facility profile allows you to feature your:

  • Contact and location information;
  • Area(s) of expertise, research services and specialized equipment;
  • Current and/or potential areas for private- and public-sector partnerships;
  • News and multimedia showcasing your facility; and
  • Social media platforms.

Simply fill in this form and follow the instructions for submission. While your institution or facility is responsible for the currency and integrity of the information, we review each submission for completeness, then copy edit, translate and post it.

The Research Facilities Navigator is open to facilities that have received CFI funding.

Please send completed forms or any questions you may have to

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Every 12-18 months, the CFI invites participating research facilities to update their profiles to ensure they remain current.

However, we encourage you to update your existing profile at any time. Please send minor changes to, or, for more extensive updates, please request a working copy of the profile(s) through the same address.

Tips on creating effective profiles

  • Think of your profile as an online window to your facility with the potential to reach a diverse audience, including leaders in research, industry, academia and other public- and private-sector organizations.
  • Help interested organizations find your facility by selecting only the sectors on your form that can benefit most from your research, and those within which you would like to form new partnerships and collaborations.
  • Think in business terms and use plain language when describing what your facility does and the areas of expertise and research services. This will make your information more easily understood by a non-technical audience.
  • Provide high-quality visuals and multimedia to create a comprehensive picture of the research expertise, services and infrastructure available at your facility.
  • Keep your profile current. Refresh your profile with new content and keep us informed of changes and new information related to your facility.