Cardiovascular Phenotyping Core Facility

Centre hospitalier de l'Université de Montréal (CHUM), Montréal, Québec
What the facility does

Micro-CT, ART Optix MX2 optical imaging, EchoMRI, telemetry, metabolic cages and surgery service for rodents

Areas of expertise

The CHUM Research Centre’s Cardiovascular Phenotyping Core Facility  specializes in analyzing the cardiovascular system of rodents. Among our cutting-edge equipment are a SkyScan micro-CT scanner, an ART Optix MX2 optical imaging system and an EchoMRI nuclear magnetic resonance system.

Our expertise allows us to offer many rodent in vivo services, , including  imaging, telemetry for cardiovascular and metabolic evaluation, and surgery (for implanting telemetry probes, ischemia and catheterization).

Metabolic cages are also available to measure various physiological parameters.

Our services are available for university, hospital and industrial researchers.

Research services

Micro-CT Skyscan 1176 service, Explore Optix Mx-2 ART  service, EchoMRI Analyzer-700 service, telemetry service, surgery service, renal ischemia/reperfusion and UUO jugular venous catheter for systemic injection of various drugs, carotid artery catheter, metabolic cages, results analysis, analysis of telemetry data, data analysis provided by the Skyscan 1176 (software NRecon, CTvox, CTan, Data viewer)

Sectors of application
  • Life sciences, pharmaceuticals and medical equipment



SkyScan 1176

High performance in vivo micro-CT scanner

Advanced Research Technology (ART)’s eXplore Optix MX-2

Optical imaging system producing 3D representations of fluorophore distribution for whole-body imaging

EchoMRI ™-700

Body composition analyzer measuring  whole body composition parameters of live small animals


Ambulatory blood pressure, heart rate, temperature, locomotor activity, EKG, EEG/ EMG measurement

Metabolic cages

24-hour urine measurement



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